Do.Sul is a Lifestyle brand that embodies the beauty and individuality of handmade products.

   Inspired by the colors, textures and patterns of the South of the globe – the tropics. Do.Sul focusing on interior decoration and accessories.Through textiles and ceramics, Do.Sul integrates a wide range of pieces that reflect a wanderlust feel to brighten your home and follow you on your daily life. 

Do.Sul celebrates the art of living, by embracing the multiplicity of stories, cultures and landscapes from around the world, while bringing you unique pieces defined by crafts traditions.

Our series celebrates diversity, constantly experiencing new textures, colors and surfaces.
Every piece is unique and produced in limited quantities.

   Based in Lisbon, our collections are widely inspired by the local crafts, landscapes and energy of Mozambique. By sourcing its production in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean, Do.Sul captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creative process of its products.

Soaked in Mozambique´s fantastic natural light, discovering the world is at the center of our creative process. Our products are carefully handmade in Portugal and Mozambique, and are aligned with fair trade and sustainability.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners artisans, through a close relation that allow us to follow the design process by which every piece is meticulously produced.